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We Found A SuperStar O!

 I went looking on soundcloud for new artist to feature in some posts today. I clicked the first one I saw and well.. I had to stop and say "HOLD UP". Todays post isn't going to be a rapper or singer. It's going to be a SuperStar. This man has some straight bangers. I couldn't help but start rockin and thinking of lines for these tracks on his soundcloud. 

If you're in the market for some instrumentals that are sure to be hits then you need to take a moment and check this guys work out! 

If you're looking to purchase some of his instrumentals for your own use head over to his website https://www.superstaro.com/.

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SuperStar O Is A Well Known Name In The Music Industry. Selling Beat Instrumentals To 10s Of Thousands Of Customers WorldWide Through The Years & Working With Many Major Artists & Labels Such As Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Ray Jay, Jim Jones, MTV, BET, MTV2, ESPN & Many More. Accumulating Over 90 MILLION Plays On SoundClick, A Verified Twitter With Over 38k Followers, A Verified FaceBook With Over 35K Followers & Instagram With Over 12k Followers. CEO & Founder Of Grind or Die Records & The Entire Grind or Die Motto / Lifestyle. 

Owning The SoundKit Website IndustryKits, Clothing Line GrindOrDieLife & Even Now Stepping Into The EDM / Trap EDM / Dubstep BeatPort Relm He Has Accomplished A LOT All With No Manager, Just Hard Work.Having A Sound Of His Own That Has Influenced Many Other Producers Major & Indie Alike, Making Music Of All Styles. HipHop, RnB, EDM, Trap, DubStep, Pop, Smooth, Epic, Club & Anything Else You Can Think Of.

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