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75 Year Old Buffalo Man Pushed By Police

The elderly 75yr old man who was pushed by police in Buffalo NY is in stable condition. Originally police reported the man TRIPPED. That was amended once more video was posted. Two officers have been suspended. The names of the of the officers have no been released yet. The Buffalo Police Department announced via Facebook that an internal affairs investigation is underway.

The man shown in the video below was approaching police, we are unsure what words may of been exchanged. The video below shows the man approaching police as they move forward. The police officers then push the man. As he stumbles back he falls. The man hits the ground and blood comes out of his ear. The video shows the man slowly dropping the item in his hand which looks to be a pencil. 

Warning Graphic Video

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted Friday Jun 5, “the officers must be held responsible for their actions, not just fired”.

Mayor Brown tweeted this statement.



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