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Raw Footage Aberdeen Man Shot By Police

This is RAW footage. We do not recommend watching it if you have a weak stomach. This incident is currently under investigation and we will continue to update it as it unfolds.

 Grays Harbor Scanner:

 The Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office, as part of the Region 3 Critical Incident Team, released a screenshot of the video footage from the recent officer-involved-shooting. They say that this image shows what they say was the gun being held by 41-year-old Kristopher Fitzpatrick during his encounter with police. Aberdeen Police Department officials have said that Fitzpatrck was told to put down the gun prior to being shot. The screenshot is from approximately 0:16 into the video posted to Facebook.

This incident has split the Aberdeen community in half. 
Some of the community still believes this man was 
unarmed and murdered in cold blood. 
We can’t with out a doubt say he was unarmed or armed as
the video and stills are still very blurry.

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