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From Texas To Nashville- An Interview With Julia Cole

Q: What got you started in music? 
A: I started singing National Anthems for my own high school volleyball and basketball games. Word spread in Houston and I began singing for the Houston Texans, Astros, Dynamo, Rodeo, and even NASA. When I stood mic in hand in front of 75,000 people at the season closer Houston Texans game with jets flying over and fireworks lighting up the sky, I knew I was exactly where I belonged. 

Q: When and where did you first discover your talent? 
A: My volleyball coach and teammates really encouraged me after hearing me goofing around in a locker room singing.

Q: You have performed with some of today’s most popular country legends. Lee Brice, Dan+Shay, John Pardi...What is your most memorable gig and why?...Worst gig? 
A: I’d have to say Dan + Shay in traverse city Michigan for the Cherry Fest was the best. I opened for them in front a massive, passionate audience right on the lakefront. It just so happened to also be the day the single “Tequila” and Dan + Shay’s album both reached number one on the charts. To say we celebrated is a severe understatement.

Q: Tell me about your hilarious and incredible American Idol audition. A great song written for a great cause! Plus you were saved by a YouTube video of yourself! 
A: I was sick but Katy Perry had heard I sang great national anthems. Luke Bryan pulled up a YouTube video on his phone of me singing the anthem and it got me through to Hollywood! 

Q: I understand you started with sports? A: Athletics taught me everything I know about work ethic, team work, determination, practice, and handling constructive criticism. These skill sets helped me grow into the artist that I am today. My younger sister and I started a movement called @WomenSportsSocial to promote the benefits of women’s athletics and spotlight many women that most don’t know played sports competitively. (Gigi Hadid, Britney Spears, Ellen Degeneres, Avril Lavigne, the list goes on and on).

Q: What is your favorite pastime? 
A: I love playing volleyball and going out to dance! 

Q: What is your go-to outfit for the stage? A: I love wearing comfortable outfits that I can dance in. Boots or sneakers (sometimes with hidden heals) are my favorites. 

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration? Any advice for the dreamers out there? 
A: I love Rascal Flats, Dan + Shay, FGL, and Dolly. They all are so uniquely themselves and their lyrics tell such awesome stories. I would say to anyone aspiring to be a professional performance, start songwriting. The way your perform is so much more honest when you are singing words you wrote and truly feel in your heart.

Q: What inspires you most for writing new songs? 
A: Traveling really helps me come up with new ideas. I think because when in commute I’m left a lot of alone time to sit and think. When my brain has time to run away with whatever ideas are in the back of my mind, I’ll find songs brewing up. My cellphone voice recorder is LIFE.

Q: What’s in store for the future? 
A: I have new music in the works and tons of shows coming up with acts like Dierks Bentley, Locash, and many more. Even some NASCAR shows! 

Q: If you had to pick a favorite song from your catalog, what would it be? 
A: That’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child haha. But if you ask any songwriter, the favorite song is almost always the newest song I’ve written! My single, “Trust You” has certainly opened a ton of doors for me though and for that I’m forever grateful.

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