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Have You Heard Of Ferrao?!

Meet Ferrao

I had the pleasure of speaking with this young talented artist on Instagram and he was refreshingly humble and honest. Keep reading to find out a little more about Farrao. We predict big things are coming his way! For more of his music and addition links make sure to scroll to the bottom!

Hope you all enjoy and make sure to drop this dude some love on IG.


Q: For the readers out there that have never heard you. what sets you apart from other artist?
F(Ferrao): I don't do much comparing between myself and other artists because music to me is a verbal art expression. I showcase my creative ability extremely well vocally. My peers who have known me for more than half of my life could vouch for me that I was always had a way with my words. And on top of that I've always been true to myself. It just so happen that my truths are complemented best on beats.
Q: What age did you write your first song?
F: I played around rhyme schemes for as long as I can remember. In some way, it always played a role in my life. Even in school, when we were learning different literary forms, we had to write poems and learned about figurative language during those lesson plans. But my first recorded song, I think I was about 16-17 years old. Even then I didn't approach it with a passion to do it.. For the simple fact that I knew how to piece words together for the benefit of a good song is why I decided to go to the studio.
Q: What got you into making music?
Tbh, I just started making music no more than 3 years ago. I've always connected with certain lyrics that brought emotional attachment and it just made the artist feel that much closer to me. I always wanted to have that type of impression on people. Giving them a genuine engagement through music with relatable experiences and vibes.
Q: Who’s your biggest role model?
My biggest musical influences are Jay Z and Drake. I have other interests of course but those are the two artists I put on a pedestal. Jay Z is my introduction to hiphop. His longevity and persistence is what I admire about him the most. He always provide high qualified substance, that never diluted once, in my eyes. Drake specifically because he is that ONE artist I connect authentically with in every aspect. The way he displays his vulnerability and versatility in each and every song, while still remaining true to his own story — it's never been done by a rap artist like that ever before. And the numbers show. I can't wait to sit at 'that table' with them guys!
Q: What is one thing you would want your fans and new listeners to always remember about?
F: That sincerity. Listeners knowing that I won't ever skip a page in the book i'm writing through music. The connectivity, the authentic engagement cus that's something music has always gave me. I need to continue to carry that true sensational feeling in music. If I could just get all my listeners to remember their emotional impressions when hearing my songs more than the actual lyrics, i'll be 100% cool with that.

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