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This is bothersome!

Are you an artist? Writer, producer, singer, rapper, painter, photographer, etc?
If you are, you know how hard it can be to network. I myself, live near Seattle and I am a music producer. The lack of support from fellow region based artists of any kind is a big problem.
Most artists want you to hear, see, or watch what they have made. Yet, they do not want to hear, see, or watch fellow artists content.

It seems normal and unserstansable that major artists in whatever their respective field, dont accept demos, mixtapes what have you. However, when youre still up and coming (maybe youre active doing shows and what not just not a huge name) you should be open to seeing what someone maybe just under you has got.

Instead, what we see is people literally shooed away. We cannot expect to succeed if we are not willing to help others along as well or maybe just give an ear and opinion.
Anyone handing you a project of any sort is them looking for feedback. It isnt hard to accept it and just say thank you. Even if you dont listen.

Some of the best music I have ever heard, I picked up while standing in line for a different concert.
Give everyone a chance and support one another.
Thats all it comes down to.
Whether youre in the Bay Area, the East Coast, the Dirty South, or here in the Great Northwest.
(Side note, this doesnt mean be cool with whoever you beef with. Because I got some things to say about a former label DMR and one of their former artists Dezlooca The Cannibal, we will save that for a later article)

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