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The “Next Generation” Beatles- Sgt. Peppers New Recruits


  The Beatles are the greatest rock band of all time. They didn’t just come to America...they invaded it. But with only two confirmed Beatles left alive (Ringo and Paul), it appears Sgt. Pepper may have some new recruits including James McCartney, Dhani Harrison and sean Lennon lined up to invade. Is it possible that we may be given a reincarnation in the form of The Beatles’ sons?

     The Fab Four all have kids of their own, who have grown up to be fellow musicians. With successful solo careers, there has been talk over the past decade of the sons forming a Beatles-like band and even going on tour. These guys all look and sound like their legendary fathers, so for this to happen would be legendary as well. Beatles fans are hopeful. And so is James McCartney.

    McCartney reached out to Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, and Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr and drummer for The Who) about forming a “next generation” Beatles. It appears to be a looming possibility. But Starkey is not keen on the idea of a band. “I don’t think it’s something that Zac wants to do” McCartney said in an April, 2012 interview with The BBC News. But McCartney gives us hope, adding that “Maybe Jason[one of Ringo Starrs other sons and also a drummer] would want to do it”. James confirms that he himself, as well as Sean and Dhani “seem pretty into it”. Now all that’s needed is the next Ringo.

    In 2015, satirical news site The Stately Harold, reported that the boys had formed a band called “The Shoots”. Playing “Beatles style music with a modern twist”, they would begin touring in 2016. Though this has been confirmed fake news, it still gives Beatle fans hope of a reincarnation with their sons. And it give us a full image of what the future may bring with the boys.

      This image was brought halfway to life on May 6, 2016, when James McCartney released his album “The Blackberry Train”. The album includes the legendary song “Too Hard”, which features Dhani Harrison on guitar and lead vocals. 

     In August of 2018, Sean posted a selfie on Instagram. Playfully captioned “peekaboo”, Sean is shown posing with a guitar wielding James. A week later he posted a selfie with Dhani on a boat. According to Instagram, the photos have sense been removed.

    It looks like the boys are definitely still connected and could possibly get Zac or Jason on board. Will the next generation of Beatles invade the planet? “Yeah, hopefully, naturally” says James. “I don’t know. You’d just have to wait and see. The will of God, Nature’s support, I guess. So,yeah, maybe.”.

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  1. If neither of the Starkey brothers are interested.... Does anyone know if Pete Best has a son?


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