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Elvis Has Left The Building... And Gone Home


    Elvis Arron Presley is The King Of Rock N Roll. The “Hound Dog” singer debuted his first self titled album in March 1956, but took the world to Heartbreak Hotel when he suddenly was found dead of a heart attack on his toilet August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. He was soon buried at Graceland. Or was he? This is Evergreen Hustle, enjoy this article as well as the videos and links at the end.

     According to a 2016 YouTube video by Alltime Conspiracies, detailing the rumors surrounding Elvis, His father Vernon Presley insured the autopsy results would be sealed for 50 years and the world will not find out the cause of death until 2027. Also Elvis’ middle name is Arron, with two r’s. But, only one was etched on the tombstone. Elvis was too honest of a man to put his real name on an empty grave he wasn’t in. And many fans have spotted him peaking out a glass door in the background of a Graceland photo taken shortly after “burial”. 

     For suspicious Minds like myself, there has been a deep theory growing massively across YouTube and the internet. I have been deeply intrigued and invested in it over the past year. This theory is linked to a YouTube, Gospel singing, Arkansas pastor and (ironically an “Elvis fan” himself) by the name of Bob Joyce. A world wide band of conspiracy theorists and Elvis fans believe this man is the King Of Rock N Roll himself, and that he faked his death due to being under the gun with fame and the mob (which is a whole story on its own). His videos are spread to over 20 countries and he has grown a rather large following.

    For astute viewers and those familiar with Elvis, like myself, there are an array of things that they are taking notice of. Most notably the voice. Joyce coincidentally sings, and even talks, like Presley. If this is him, it has understandably deepened a bit, but it is uncanny to The King’s southern accented baritone pipes. This is interesting to me because being a pastor, he would have no reason to try to sound like Elvis. So this tells me it must be his natural voice. But who else besides Elvis would have such a voice? During some of his songs, some viewers have even taken notice to a piano player who was Elvis’ long time band member. In addition to that, people are noticing the way he walks across the room as he sings and preaches to his congregation. Saying he walks with the same stride and motion as The King did. Speaking of the walk, recent Graceland Security footage adds to this. The footage, which made headlines, shows a man of similar look to how Elvis would look today is seen walking out the lawn then back past the camera to the door. As he returns he holds a “peace” sign over his cheek to the camera. It is said that that is a “sign of life”. Is this Elvis saying he’s alive? The man claims to simply be a groundskeeper and denies being Elvis. But fans believe otherwise. This could be Elvis and this could be the reason that nobody is allowed upstairs is his Graceland home, which had been turned into a museum. Reports have even been made of an armed guard posted at the bottom of the stairs.

    With the seemingly unmatchable voice, mere identical to Elvis’, the bodily resemblance begins to pop out. Especially in the face. If Elvis were alive today, he would be 84. So he would look a bit different than he used to, but understandably so. Facebook page “Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive”, is dedicated to sharing all known evidence and proving that The King still lives. Many of these pieces of evidence center on Bob Joyce. Also, an anonymous YouTuber by the name of Skutnik Michael “SK MI”, picks apart Joyce’s videos. Detailing evidence that seems to say that Bob Joyce is indeed Elvis living incognito. Even taking screenshots and intricately photoshopping facial parts between Elvis’ face and Bob Joyce’s face. A few standouts include a messed up finger on Joyce’s left hand. Presley once broke the same finger in a Karate session in his final years. They also appear to have the same rectangular forehead and eyebrow placement. Even the same gap between two teeth has been noticed by many keen eyes. There is even a video or two comparing vocals of old Elvis gospel songs and Joyce’s versions[video end of article]. The vocals are mere identical and some even notice a striking resemblance in Joyce’s sermons to the ones of Elvis that were quoted in his biography.

     But what else adds up to support this theory? Well, a photo taken of Muhammad Ali in 1984 appears to include Elvis as he tried not to look at the camera. He and Ali were reportedly big fans of each other and various pictures of them can be seen. Ali is said to have confirmed the Elvis sighting in this picture. Then, a 1995 photo of a big-smiled man with white hair appears to be Elvis with his grandchild. This could be him considering black was not his natural hair color, and by this time he would be aging.

     Next, in a 2005 interview with Oprah, Oprah begins talking about “privileged children”, and how “Elvis wanted her [daughter Lisa-Marie] to have everything”. Ex-wife Priscilla Presley (referring to daughter Lisa-Marie) responded “he didn’t really know. Y’know he too, grew up very poor. And that’s exactly what he said the other day.” Bombshell. She appears to have slipped up. And for those who catch these slip ups this is not the only one. 

     Also in an interview, Priscilla stated that "One of the first questions people ask are what would he be doing now or what would his life be".  Her response was- “I think that Elvis would be a part of music no matter what.  I think it was in his blood.  I think that maybe he would be going into gospel or preaching a little bit.  He loved to preach.  He loved the bible." So even Priscilla confirms that if Elvis was alive today he would be preaching. 

     And most recently, a video by Inside Edition, taken at Elvis’ recent 82nd birthday celebration at Graceland, shows an old man of similar looks to an elderly Elvis. He is standing coincidentally front and center. Seemingly looking at the camera through his dark shades and ball cap. Could this be him?


       In response to a followers email, Bob Joyce was quoted “I understand people, without scorn, their deep love for Elvis Pressley and that when something comes along with the least similarities they embrace with such excitement and hope that perhaps Elvis is alive and with us. I consider it a great compliment that anyone would think I was Elvis for I have always held him in great respect.” He has also claimed that he is not Elvis. But fans and believers think there’s is so much more than he is ready to disclose. What do you think? Check out the video and links below and stay tuned for more Hustle!

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