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Ariana Grande and The Beatles - Top 100

         First the singer tops the 100 chart with The "7 Rings," "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" & "Thank U, Next". She shares this honor with The Beatles! Will this be the top marker of her career or does Ariana have some more hits hidden up her sleeves?

         In a recent interview on The Late Late Show stated that she has no private life anymore.
It seems the hit bringer is needing to bring some space into her life. When Corden told her, "we dont want you to go" Ariana was quick to reply, "I do! I'm tired of my voice!'.  To celebrate her hits she went out to dinner in LA and ended up bumping into Piers Morgan! What does this mean? Lets be honest she's probably not going anywhere anytime soon but I'm sure the rumors will fly from this interview!

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