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The Uninspired Interview

The Uninspired comes from Spokan Washington. I had the pleasure of interviewing the lead singer Jason and drummer Caleb. 

Before reading the interview I recommend listing to "Scotch" below.

Interview With Jackson

Q: what go you into making music?

Jackson: I was a fuckin tuba player for a long time. I ended up loving it and getting good at it, but originally I started playing because I thought it would be funny. It still is. 

Q: what bands inspired you the most? 

J: Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of The Stone Age, The White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Motorhed, Butthole Surfers, David Bowie.. this list could go in to any genre really. I appreciate the great songwriters above all else.

Q: where did you come up with the name uninspired?

J: Back when we were just getting started we absolutely could not decide on a name for the band, so "The Uninspired" sort of fell into our laps.

Q: which one of your songs would you say is the most meaningful to you?

J: None of our music means anything to any of us. But we hope you like our shit.

Q: Out of all your gigs what is the most memorable [Below will be a video to this gig]? Also which would be the worse and why? 
J: My favorite show we ever played was our gig at a bar called Mootsys. No mics on the amps or drums, just a single vocal mic. My ears were ringing for a couple days, but we had a great time and got to play as loud and balls out as we do practicing. Our worst show was on Caleb's 21st birthday. It was back when we were a two piece. We spent the whole day getting heinously drunk and by the time we had finished absolutely defiling the first song, we knew we were fucked. I get insanely sweaty on stage too, so playing a solo or maintaining in general was a real challenge. Whiskey-infused sweat singing your cornea is never a good time.

Q: How did you and Caleb meet? (Did he ever tell you he was a video game hooker to make gold? - fun fact the drummer used to e-whore with fake pictures) 

J: I met Caleb back in freshman year of high school during marching band. He was a trumpet player. We both met Koby during our Junior year, when Koby was a freshman. He played bass and synthesiser I think? Also in marching band

Q:What is one word of advice you would tell others out there wanting to start a band ?

J: If you want to start a band then start a band. Play as many live shows as you can and play your dicks off no matter the venue or the audience. If you wanna be a good band, (and this isn't necessarily speaking from experience) then be good. Be REALLY fucking good, because people WILL recognize it... But you've gotta be bad ass. I think those rules apply to just about any genre, any audience, and any band.

Short Clip Of The Mootsy Gig


Interview With Caleb

Q: Who would you say your biggest musical role model would be? 

Caleb: Biggest role model would probably be Dave Grohl. I pretty much would just watch videos of him drumming in Nirvana and try to imitate that lmao. He's also just nice af and a great person. 

Q: I know you don't listen to much mainstream music but who would you say influences you in the music scene? 

C: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Royal Blood are some influences.

Q: What is the hardest part about being in a band? 

C: Lining up our fking schedule lol. We literally haven't been able to practice or play shows in forever. Also just like transporting gear to shows, and also the money aspect. Its expensive af to be in a band sometimes. Q: Did you know in school you would be a drummer for a band? Been drumming since 4th grade and was in a band in middle school. Didnt expect to be in a band again when moving to Washington, but me and Jackson started a band freshman year pretty quickly lol.

 Q: Do you miss being an internet whore? 

C: Yes.

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