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Famous Dex A Soulja Boy Creation?!

Soulja: "I put Dex on Nigga Flex!" 

Soulja Boy wasn't holding back on Everyday Struggle! He claims Famous Dex owes his fame to no other then Soulja Boy himself! Full video below.

It seems that 2019 is going to be the year that Soulja Boy lets everyone know he's the God Father of rap. With all these claims from teaching Drake everything he knows to creating Famous Dex. I don't think the hip hop industry will be able to handle another bombshell.
Soulja is on his own jock hard seems to be clout chasing every big name in the game at this point.
Maybe he is the mastermind he believes him self to be, or maybe he's just another washed up rapper trying to grab at the spotlight again?

But for real I have to give props where props is due Soulja is a grade A entertainer and seems to know how to hustle into the limelight!

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