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Cory Diamonds

  I know what you're probably thinking, "Another white rapper, really?". Well yes, but this guy isn't just a Eminem / Bubba Sparxxx knock off. This guy actually has talent. If you haven't heard of him before, well you're in for a treat! Cory Diamonds comes from the town of Marysville hidden in the shadows of the more well known city of Seattle Washington. But don't expect a Macklemore here, Corey has a savage vibe that hasn't come out of Washington in ages.

    Cory has shown his woke state of mind in more then one song including his newest track Wake Up. The guys lyricist skills are off the chain. I have to say my top track by this dude is Skate Life. Skate life was released back in 2016 and represents the harder side of the hip-hop skater scene. Maybe it's because I grew up around skaters all my life and still roll around on a long board or maybe it's because this dude just spits gold but I still bump this track.

If you haven't already followed this dude on twitter or facebook you better go follow him now before left in the dust.

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