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Pro-Verb [Review]

So let me start by saying that, this beat goes really hard. When the instrumental starts I wondered which direction the flow would go. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

Now for the song as a whole, I think this is very well executed. With the basic boom boom bap type of style turning to an almost double time rhyme. As for the content, in my opinion it is actually a lot more aggressive than I think most would pick up on.

This kid has flow, his rhymes are way past just decent, and he seems to understand his own limitations. I say limitations because, I find myself really wanting a stronger chorus, though he may have done this simple chorus on purpose. It fits what he is trying to do, but makes me wonder if he lacks the understanding of how to write a chorus. But, the track is so solid that it really doesnt matter much at all.

All in all I like the track and I think anyone who listens and is a fan of music will enjoy this. I know I did. I hope the future is bright for this local artist. Keep up the good work.

Solid track to you Pro-Verb, I will be listening to this a lot.

Keep going, keep growing

Review By ZTh3T3ch

If you enjoyed this review and want to know more about the artist make sure to check out his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trashboatrapper/

Pro-verb offers free use of all his beats as long as the artists messages him first. You can find his beats and songs on SoundCloud.  https://m.soundcloud.com/trashboat-mothafucka

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