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Porky Scoop - Twenty 4 Seven [Review]


   Everett, Washington may not be the biggest or most famous city in Washington State, but it has great talent coming out of the Woodwork. Everett, is home to local rapper Porky Scoop. Boasting a striking resemblance to"See You Again" rapper Whiz Khalifa, he can also spin a deep tale through his rhymes. In this article, we will look at his song "Twenty 4 Seven", a prime example of what he is made of.

     The song is presented through a quality music video that may just be as powerful as the song itself. At the start of the locally filmed video, a lone girl is shown at a gas pump at night as the music pulsates into play. Then, with a cinematic feel and an already intriguing vibe, it shows the girl entering the mini mart as Scoop; standing behind the counter, begins to rap.

     He begins with the bar "Twenty four seven at your service, ya, we open. You can ring the bell,I'll bring you hell and keep it goin'". This line sets the tone for the track. The primary focus of the song seems to be a wild man getting money and girls. He makes numerous references to these topics. Such as with the line in the second verse "I made a fortune flipping portions for your cateract. Fuckin' rich bitches like Cindy Morgan and Caddy Shack". This line weaves the story even deeper. As the song continues, the girl, and several others are shown around the store including two girls taking selfies. This is very interesting and you can't help but wonder who they are or how this ties in. In addition to HD camera footage like most music videos, he also makes creative use of the store security cameras, making you feel awkward, but also intrigued.

     Throughout the song, references to various famous people are made, such as Adolf Hitler with the creative yet  haunting line "Rollin' in a stollen lap, I'll bring it to you straight like that. Rooms full of gas, like we're bringing Adolf back". John Travolta with the line "No John Travolta, no movies". And Seattle Mariner Ken Griffey Jr. with the bar "I'm screaming 'take all that'. I'm Griffey with his baseball bat". With this line he seems to be referring to sex in a very creative way. Also making yet another reference to women, as well as a nod to his home baseball team.

     Midway through the song has a series of catchy, chorus like verses, mostly consisting of "go on tell me how you love that" being repeated. Then the song proceeds and makes references to living a rich man's life, like "Real estate in New Zealand". The medium pace and variety in lyric legnth keep the train rolling. The song comes to a pause after the line "Sipping on a Genny and the ice. Never do the same thing twice". Scoop is then shown outside talking to an old friend.

Soon, the song resumes with its catchy chorus once again. Alternating verses of repeating "Go on tell me how you love that", and "Imma go around the world and hit jukes". This amazing song is very well written, and will leave you dreaming and pressing repeat as the ending music fades away and the video fades to black.

Porky Scoop YouTube

Reviewed by- Tyler 'E.T.' Elliott

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