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I'm sure all you experienced artists out there will look at this article as nothing new or special. But for those who are just starting out I hope you find this helpful in your journey to music mastery.

If you are looking for free audio editing programs or maybe you want to make beats/instrumentals. But don't want to spend the money or pirate the software. While I'll be directing you to some of the many programs I've found and tried over the years that are FREE!

Lets get started with my favorite cross platform software. LMMS works on Linux, Windows, and Mac.  It's awesome for a producer on a budget who wants to get right into music making with out dropping the cash!
LMMS can be downloaded at https://lmms.io/

A simple and more known program is audacity. Audacity is amazing for the simple fact it as so many add-ons. It's a while known program for recording and editing tracks.

Say all you have is a low end chromebook, neither of these options will work for you. But don't fear soundnation is here. It's free for the most part. But to fully utilize all the features you will have to pay.
It's a great website and alternative for those who have nothing but a phone/tablet/chromebook.

Darkwave studio is the last on my list but in no way is it the least! Like audacity it has many plug ins. Darkwave has a huge feature list and I recommend checking it out!

If you need some sound packs I highly recommend heading over to:

For more free software make sure to check out hiphopmaker.com!


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