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Review: E.T. - Too Soon

We at EvergreenUnderground are excited to introduce our Snoho County Artist Reviews.
In this, the inaugural review, we will be checking out E.T.'s Track "Gone To Soon".
In these reviews we will try to give constructive criticism while giving an honest perspective into the track. With out anymore unnecessary words lets get started.

Let us start with the first bar "Why is that the best things in your life, they get taken from you, at an unexpected moment, there's not a thing you can do,"
He starts this track with total emotion, the line is good, but may have come out better if his confidence in his voice were higher. Or, maybe it was done this way, with a shaky voice that is hardly present, on purpose to show his loss.

Throughout the track you will feel certain uncomfortable feelings that you will not quite understand. The reason for these feelings, is because he is purposely ending some bars off of the rhyme scheme. It brings a melancholy feel to it which makes you more invested than you realize you are. I give huge props for this, because not everyone out there can do this and still keep flow.

In the second verse he tackles the loss of his grandfather and also his best friend moving. By putting these together in the same verse, it shows he is not afraid of the emotion, tackling these at the same time is impressive. But again i wish the confidence was there a little bit more. I understand that the shaky voice may be on purpose but, I would still enjoy hearing some conviction.

All in all the song is good and there is a whole lot of potential there. Big things should come his way as he grows as an artist.

Salute to you E.T. we here at EvergreenUnderground are excited to see where music takes you. Keep going, keep growing.

More from E.T. can be found on his page:

Review by ZTh3T3ch

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